Tillywig Toy Awards 2015

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Tillywig Toy Awards

We submitted our beloved Imo the Hippo to America to compete for the Creative Fun Award under Parent & Child category back in January 2015. Three months later, we received the good news and have been over the moon for the past 24 hours! Alas, time to get down to recording our success on our blog, and put away the chocolate cake and Singaporean style laksa.... Burp!

Why we chose this award is solely for the way the products are judged and evaluated. Please see extract from their website below:

Tillywig awards evaluation criteria and process

In order to be selected as a Tillywig award winner, a product submitted to us must be determined by our testing team to have high entertainment and/or educational value. When assessing these values, our focus is on evaluating many factors, including:

Ease of First Use

Clear, easy-to-understand instructions and product design are key factors in creating a positive initial experience.

Replay Value

It was fun the first time out, but will it be equally or even more enjoyable over a period of weeks, months...years?


Does it look and feel well-made? Is it something retailers would be proud to have on their shelves, a parent would be proud to give as a gift? Is it, from all appearances, built to last?

Social Interaction/Fun Factor

Products that effectively promote a high level of face-to-face playful interaction receive a high rating from us. If participants laughed out loud, so much the better!


Does it inspire creativity during use/play? Does this product actively fuel the imagination?

Thought Processes/Motor Skills

Does it encourage new ways of thinking or promote physical development?

Weighting of Criteria

The degree to which we consider some of the above criteria depends, in part, on what we feel the product presents itself to be. If it appears to be an educational product, then we will more heavily weigh factors relating to learning and development. If a product presents itself as a family or party game, we will more heavily weigh factors relating to social interaction and playfulness. If the packaging and instructions seem to be communicating one thing, and the product turns out to be quite another, then the product will not be selected for a Tillywig award.

During the evaluation process, products are used by a number of testers in an observed focus group format. In our final evaluation of any product, comments from observers are integrated with feedback from testers. Our testers and observers come from all walks of life and a broad range of ages.

We submitted the form and description, paid the low admission fee, posted two samples to America. Tillywig 2015 Best Creative Fun Award to Lil nika RedSafari range.

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