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Posted On: 2014-09-16 20:56:55 ;

From stuVVz.com 17/09/2014


Its sad to see that kids now- a- days hog their parents’ iPads instead of rolling out in the sand, playing tea time with their barbie dolls, or building an imaginative world with their lego blocks. I can’t blame some of the parents though, the world has advanced into a place where its almost impossible to shake off technology and all the convenience it has brought upon in our lives. Earning a living has become life’s priority, and parents rather buy a limitless app device than toys that might cause a mess in the household.

But what if there is something that is clean and safe for the child to play with, and it gets the parents involved, and that it actually serves a purpose at home which pleases the whole family?

We like Emi the Elephant, a light product by Lil Nika, not only for it’s adorable appearance; but because of the care it has taken into it’s production, allowing for immense creative opportunities that you and your child can explore in together. Whilst you build the fairly advanced but well explained structure of the elephant’s head, the child can go ahead and build his or her very own binoculars. The child can then enjoy some role- playing with the finished elephant head or work on one of the crosswords given within the instruction packet, and you can get your satisfaction out from building the rest of the elephant’s body. The family can then connect the two together and store it in any corners of the house.

Have it as a wall lamp or a standing table or floor lamp, and enjoy the sight of such an adornment, with your child also getting some fun out of playing with it too. Light it up as a night light for your child’s room or have it as a mini installation at home. Bored? Take it all apart and build it again or give it as a present to your loved ones to share the fun!

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