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Our theme called RedSafari

It has taken us a total of 5 years to run Lil Nika Ltd to embody our design essence and to make our brand stronger than we would normally expect. It is not only the finished product that we cared for, nor the eco-friendly materials that we have chosen to use. It is the experience that we want you to gain when building this product, we want you to enjoy the thirty minutes of building, as we have thoroughly enjoyed the five years of making.

You have read the previous blogs on the processes that we went through in choosing our manufacturers, our materials, design changes and also people whom have talked about us. You have seen how we have grown, and you can see the potential of growth for and within this company.

Our first theme RedSafari has gotten positive response from the public and from the media. But we feel that we have not reached out enough to shout to the world that it is not a product, IT IS A FUN PRODUCT! The difference between our product to the atypical toy is that is a funky light with a strong message about conservation wildlife.

It looks good in your kid's room, you learn how to fold origami, you spend time with your kids to build, you introduce your kids on how to read guided instructions, you get to role-play with your kids and explore your inner child. This is different to the atypical toy, because it makes your child realise that their parents can be as playful as their toys, and their perspective of you is no longer as a guardian, but a funny mom or dad, an actor, a builder, a person that believes in zero waste and also an interior decorator!

A friend mentioned something interesting to me, she said that our children will no doubt one day ask us questions on why we did or why we didn't do something that will have an impact on them when they grow up. For example, raising a child in a bilingual family, meant that they will need to be equip with the languange and cultural background of both languages because if not, they will grow up facing questions from society about themselves. As parents, our choice in providing a conducive environment that is best for your child would have an impact on their personality in the future.

Many people have asked me why do I design a product that is so enriched with multitude of messages and aims. Whilst some asked me why do I design a product that is not straightforward.
When I started to design this product, I had a keen interest in transforming a 2D object into 3D, which is similar to what my children were exposed to when I read them pop-up story books with lift-up flaps and spinning objects. I felt that our children are very lucky to be growing up in this day of age to be able to choose creative passive toys, eco-friendly toys, and intelligent toys and apps. The downside of this day of age, is the blatant use of consumerism and disapproving treatment to the environment due to increasing production and wastage. 
So my product grew and matured over the design and development periods whereby I wanted to constantly increase its potential. What started off as a series of animal lighting for bedtime, became a role-play toy, an educational toy for logical and visual building project to an emotional message on wildlife conservation, a great platform for inquiry based learning. All of this seemed natural to me because when I started designing, my daughter was only 4 months old, and I needed a night light suitable for breastfeeding and nappy changing without causing too much disruption. Then as she grew older, her compassion for the environment led me to include the eco conscious aspect within the product. I feel that I have respected many requirements on child development by designing and producing a multi-functional product with a strong message to make a stop to illegal poaching.
A companion for the Intrapersonal space

Quiet Area. Important for kids to be with their thoughts and discover their own ability within their private space such as their bedroom, their playroom, hobby area and their desk space. Sometimes kids just need alone time without interaction or distractions.

Arts and Crafts Supplement. Building the animal form using origami methods allows your child to see that their potential is limitless by building confidence in reading instructions, perfecting their motor skills and seeing the result of their creation. Enhancing their visual and spatial skills.

Tools. Putting together different parts of the components of origami animal shade with supports of the bases and also connecting the CE approved light bulb that is safe to touch and robust. Each tool has a logical use and will encourage you child to learn the functions of the items and better yet, help you find solution to fix things around the house.

A companion for the Interpersonal space

Games. Play games with you child. Young children enjoy hide and seek, older children enjoy role-play games which allow a wide range of ways to interact and express themselves.

Play Area. Interaction with siblings, parents, grandparents and a variety of other children is an excellent way to develop people skills. Parents can help children develop important social and personal skills by allowing, and sometimes guiding, children during playtime and take the opportunity to discuss about the environment to tickle their critical and inquisitive minds.

Our goal is to get you to reengage with your inner child, and have fun spending time with your child as well as discover who they are and what they can achieve. By designing simple products using origami folding as the method of assembly, your child gets to experience a transformation beyond their wildest imagination. For example in our Redsafari series, we provide you with FIVE flat recycled plastic sheets with creasing lines. Armed with our instruction book OR instruction video, you and your child can challenge yourselves to create something memorable yet long lasting product. Once you have completed your assignment, you will be rewarded with a beautiful and multi-functional lighting PLUS a 'Certificate of Merit'!

Enjoy hope you have shared a memorable time with your loved ones :)

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