Our People

Mi Casa Su Casa, My Home is Your Home

Our company is made of people, not robots. As parents, our choice in providing the best environment for your child would have an impact on their personality in the future. With our products, we want to give our customers a multitude of choice of an eco-friendly, modern, long-lasting, meaningful, educational and multi-functional products to add to their conducive bubble also known as HOME, in order to meet the requirement of developing a well-rounded, critical and logical in thought, sensitive to the environment and most of all, a happy child!

Our external consultants have also invested their energy and time to make our products work.

We have worked with the Plastic Department from Hong Kong Productivity Council, whereby we have invested in R&D project studying recycled plastic mixed with different types of biomass products in order to reduce area of landfill and reduce production of new plastic. Read more here.

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