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Our experience in crowd-fundinging

A good friend of our suggested that we try raise funds through a crwod sourcing platform called Indiegogo. We have heard of Kickstarter, and so what is Indiegogo and why?

We spent a week researching, and 2 weeks preparing what we think is a good campaign. In order to campaign under cword sourcing platform you have to do the following:

Your campaign
Creating your campaign would mean exposing yourself to the public and be prepared for good and bad criticism that may come your way. Get your tools ready, make 1 to 2 videos, prepare 10-15 images, get testimonials, collate all media attention that you have received. 
Choose what kind of campaign suits you; ours was a credit reward campaign
Get a minimum of 100 confirmed pledges to make up 30% of your asking funds. This early contribution of up to 30% of your campaign will be eligible for trending and this means that your campaign will appear on the popular page.

Marketing your campaign
Social media is a great way to get quick attention. Your friends and family are the best people to ask for support and to also get feedback. Ask them to share your campaign with their friends, from about 200 of your own friends, expect 10-20 people to share to their friends and that way you'd get immediate attention of up to 2000+ readers. 
If you have a product, send samples to bloggers and websites to get a free review done. Do this 3 months before you launch your campaign as this will take time.

Managing your campaign


Lil Nika is a small design-oriented company that is ridiculously ambitious. Our aspiration is to embed creativity in everyday objects that help spark your child's imagination. 

'Tested on children' is a motto we adopt to ensure that not only by design but in practice, each object is created to maximise its own play potential.  

Emi needs your help to survive and your support will go to adding a friend and perhaps more. Please help our campaign to support her.






Introducing Emi the Elephant night light,  an original and a creative first.

Emi functions as a table lamp or a wall light, but what we think is that extra bit special is as a role-playing headwear, where you and your child get a free pass to a world of imagination and a safari adventure. 



(Don't forget to scroll down below to see where we have been featured in!)


Exuding a soft glowing light in the nursery, we want Emi to be your child's BFF (best friend forever) right from the start. An integrated low heat lighting has been designed to give you the flexibility of use and custom made LED casing offers 4 alternate options and is even portable (USB connector)!



Emi is grey on the outside and green in the middle! made from 100% recycled plastic from Japan.  We discovered along the way, few choose to re-use, because it's harder! but isn't it always to do the right thing



Simple origami inspired design allows you to easily create much more than a 3d jigsaw! 2 parts head, 3 parts body and 1 part binoculars for learning!


Everything included. LED, USB cable, power adapter and even the screws for wall mounting are included! 





Even though Emi & Imo have been designed to be put together with your child, we are looking to create a pre-assembled option for those mommies and daddies that just want to focus their efforts on role play!




A detailed booklet is included, as is an online step by step easy to follow video instruction of folding, creasing and locking. We all know a child takes so much more pride and pleasure in what they create themselves even if they sometimes get a little helping hand! (yes that means you daddy!).

So, are you ready to get jiggy!? Emi and Imo need your support.




We need $25,000 to produce Imo the Hippo night light. This amount will go to purchasing, production, steel molds and labour. In return you will get a chance to be one of the first to have your own as an original gift and you get of course our eternal gratitude from helping this small company live and give us the confidence to explore new ideas and new products.






Our REDSAFARI night lights are inspired by five loving animals to play chase, hide and seek and pretend to go on a safari tour! Our animals are almost complete, and with your help we can have a family ready by early 2015! 

Furthermore, we have a modern TREEHOUSE called Open Cloud  that can transform into White Cloud, another multi-functional product that we have designed. It is a self standing structure without a base making it safe and hygienic. It has two functions, a tunnel and a cave!




Finally, we have designed smaller series of tactile accessories to make your child and their safari pets an item. You think only Paris Hilton and her 35 pets can be stylish? Our PICK'n'MIX theme will 'naturally' be dazzling!













Don't fall asleep now! We are almost there :)





Your contribution will not just help us survive, it represents support for the idea of introducing educational and creative underlays into everyday products.  

The perks you get in return for helping are real and guaranteed delivered right to your doorstep (worldwide delivery included) at considerable discount. Help us make it a reality, sign up today.



Expected delivery date is a late estimation only, we will try our best to get Imo to you earlier and as fast as we can! 


If you can't contribute, be a who! make some noise, bang those drums and blow your horns, because we are so small and we want to be heard! Spread the word on your social networking - we need your help!

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