About Us

Creating memorable experience

Lil Nika is a brand dedicated to well considered designs that incorporate fun, education and modern projects into children’s products and furniture. Started by an architect and mother of two, the 'world' of Lil Nika was born where imagination and fun combine with design and function providing a platform for kids to learn and play. 

We are a Hong Kong company designing products d
oubling as furniture and household item, we call it 'playware'. Our multi-functional playwares allow educational and imaginative products for children to easily integrate into adult spaces. We are very passionate about this and trust that Lil Nika’s handiwork expresses our desire to encourage the playful and cheeky nature that our children are born with. Our designs are fun and clever and so we chose the slogan 'Fun By Design' as our trademark.

We have created themes for our product range. Our first is called RedSafari. It is a series of safari animals lighting shade with detachable head for kid's to role-play. As we strive for eco-conscious excellence, any wastage is turned into a toy binocular inkeeping with the theme. The pretend animals will put on the binocular in search for illegal poachers and shout "Stop Illegal Poaching!".

Our other themes will also carry a special message that shares our need to conserve the environment.

Our products all live by an ethos of 'tested on children' ensuring that every product maximizes its play potential before being fully realised. Simple in form, space conscious, and self-aware of modern surrounding, Lil Nika's products are constructed to be flexible - taking into account children's rapid development and incorporate the discovery of learning.

Our raison détre is to provide unique modern kids' furniture with design flair, themed to suit needs and wants without costing the earth with a guarantee that expanding a child's imagination will never spoil them or our future. 

Let kids learn to dream again, they deserve it.