Hello creative ones! The adorable night lights from Lil Nika can not only keep monsters away during bedtime, but also act as a de-LIGHT-ful toy during the day! Founded by husband-and-wife team, the Hong Kong based company designs some of the cutest, and most playful night lights around town with the aim of inspiring little ones' creativity.

The scoop:

*SAFARI THEME: The team of glowing animals, namely Imo the Hippo, Oma the Lion and Emi the Elephant, from the Red Safari collection will be your precious one's favorite bedtime buddy for the years to come! With an origami-inspired form, the modern design can spice up any nursery decor and be a keepsake that can grow with the child.

*VERSATILE: The safari friends provide endless fun and options! Great to be placed on the floor, table or mounted on the walls, the lamps can fit into even the tiniest of space and offer four lighting options to suit different situations. For older kids, the head of the animals can double as a hat - a true asset for role-playing!

*ECO-FRIENDLY: The stylish LED lights are made from 100% recyclable plastic so it's good for both the kiddos and the environment! The handy usb plug also allows little explorers to bring their buddy along on exciting and secretive adventures!