Lil Nika under the spotlight

Posted On: 2014-07-11 05:44:43 ;

We glorify your write up!

Kimberly from Little Business Love (LBL) has done such a great write up when we introduced our night light to her back in April.

As a startup, we were unsure on how to approach marketing and public relations, and although we have researched on tips and tricks on how to gain awareness, we felt that we needed to try many techniques and see how it pans out. Using Google search on local bloggers in Hong Kong, LBL would suit our products and brand because Kimberly is a mom of two, an expat in HK just like our founder, and she would be very good at scrutinising kids products. Please see the link below to read up on her write up.

Thank you Kimberley!

Please see her amazing photo here:

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