Iconography of RedSafari

Posted On: 2015-03-05 00:38:40 ;

We wanted to explain RedSafari using iconography, which we explored ideas on the web and on Pinterest to see how mesages are conveyed through the use of icons. This makes it easier to squeeze information in one page, breaking up the layout to group the subject matter, use very little text and also to change the traditional, as you would know by now, Lil Nika is NOT traditional though we get our inspirations from many areas including traditional design, architecture and cultures.

We tried to show you what makes an animal, its components and tease your creative part of mind to make you wonder how all these components, came in flatpacked turned into 3D.

We also tried to show you the building activity aspect by insinuating the medal/ certificate icon we used next to 'I Built It!' slogan.

Finally, we wanted to show you how this product grows with your child and how we recommend you use it. Especially for the first time moms, use the product as a wall light during the terrible two period, and reuse it as an animal from age 4-6 to introduce caring, and responsibility to your child. Then you can reuse as a wall light from 6 onwards, turn the lightbulb to face downwards so they can do their homework in a well lit environment.

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